Gal Gadot Upcoming Movies 2018 & 2019

Gal Gadot MoviesGal Gadot upcoming movies: Full list of Gal Gadot movies coming soon in 2018, 2018 and beyond that, with her roles and film release dates.

Also check: Gal Gadot all movies list (full list of new and old movies of her).

Upcoming Movies

This is the of Gal Gadot upcoming movies list with release dates and roles. You can get more details below this table.

Movie Release Date Role
Ruin (2018) TBA, 2018 N/A
Justice League Part Two (2019) 14-June, 2019 Wonder Woman
Deeper (2019) TBA, 2019 Marion
Wonder Woman 2 (2019) 1-November, 2019 Wonder Woman / Diana Prince
Flashpoint (2020) TBA, 2020 Wonder Woman

We will let you know when she signs for more upcoming movies or TV shows.

Ruin (2018)

Release Date: To be announced, 2018
Role: -Unknown-

It’s war movie follows around a former Nazi captain. Plot and Gal Gadot’s role is not yet reveled.

Justice League Part Two (2019)

Release Date: 14-June, 2019
Role: Wonder Woman

Justice League Part Two a squeal to DCEU’s Justice League movie which was released after Wonder Woman, on 16 November 2017. DCEU Superheros team will gather up again, and Gal playing her part as Wonder Woman.

Deeper (2019)

Release Date: To be announced, 2019
Role: Marion

Gal Gadot is playing Marion, her role in this movie is closer to Bradley Cooper who is playing the role of a former astronaut hired sea mission which turn out an unexpected journey.

Wonder Woman 2 (2019)

Release Date: 1 November, 2019
Role: Wonder Woman / Diana Prince

Wonder Woman squeal, Wonder Woman 2 is coming out after Justice League Part 2, this could add up some extra story to it. Gal is ready to be Diana Price / Wonder Woman again, her co-star is not selected yet.

Flashpoint (2020)

Release Date: To be announced, 2020
Role: Wonder Woman

Plot is known yet, but from the Flashpoint will be mainly focused on Flash saving the earth, and Flash will need the help of his friends which includes Wonder Woman, so that’s how Gadot is coming to Flashpoint.


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