Golmaal Again Box Office – Budget

Golmaal Again Box OfficeTitle: Golmaal Again (a.k.a. Golmaal 4)
Release Date: 20 October, 2017
Director: Rohit Shetty
Production: Rohit Shetty Productions, Mangal Murti Films
Producer: Rohit Shetty & Sangeeta Ahir
Distributor: Reliance Entertainment
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Golmaal Again Box Office

Box Office: ₹127 crore ($19.5M) [Worldwide Net Gross]
Last Updated: First Week
Theaters Screen Count: Unknown

Box Office Collection – Breakdown

India: N/A
Abroad: N/A

Day One: ₹310000000 – (₹31 crore) [20 Oct.]
$4763004 – ($4.7M)
First Weekend: ₹877000000 – (₹87.7 crore) [First Day – Sunday]
$13513097 – ($13.5M)
First Week: ₹1270300000 – (₹127 crore) [First 7 Days, 20-27 Oct.]
$19573189 – ($19.5M)
First Month: Available on 21 November, 2017 (20 Oct. – 20 Nov.)

Golmaal Again: Movie did a lot better than our prediction, we predicted 100 crore first month but they crossed the mark in first week. Heading toward 200 core mark.

Prediction Before Release: This movie could go over 100 core in the first movie and over 200 crore overall. After all the last movie Golmaal 3 hit 160+ crore by now, so it will be very easy to do more than that with this much hype and the huge cast they have.

Golmaal Again Budget

Budget: $11,076,926 ($11 Million) – USD
₹72,00,00,000 (₹72 Crore) – INR

“Film Budget” is the amount of money spent only in the production of the film.


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