The Walking Dead Season 8 – Everything you need to know

AMC’s The Walking Dead season 8 news, cast, all 1 to 16 episodes release date, trailer and where to legally watch online.

The Walking Dead Season 8

Total Episodes: 16
Series: The Walking Dead
Cast: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chandler Riggs, Lauren Cohan and more.
Official Release Date: 22 October, 2017

There are total 16 episodes in season 8 of TWD, the episode 1 will be aired on 22 October 2017, other episodes release dates are unknown yet. You can watch these episodes on AMC channel, website, iTunes, AMC Android App, Xbox One, VOD and few more extra options check them out on AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 8 page.



This trailer is uploaded by an unofficial channel with real scenes. We will update if an official trailer comes out.

Whenever we got to know something on season 8, we will share it here.

Season 8: Updates

What will be get to see in season 8 is, the final fight with Negan. It will take many episodes of this season to cover it up with whole planning and many plots in between. Again the whole season could be on the Negan only. We will get to see Daryl Dixon more than Rick this time, he will be with his bike and crossbow. Jesus went to jungle and he will run into a fight with Morgan Jones. Tara Chambler will go again to meet the female group for help in fighting against the Saviors group of Negan.

In the trailer Rick is shown with long white beard laying on bed, he was dreaming. Fan making things out of it, some says rick will be get badly injured. Others says he was in coma this whole time, it was all a dream, The Walking Dead all season was just a dream LOL! that’s just a funny theory. The whole series can’t be a damn dream, it’s not 100% based on books but it is from books, so it can’t be.

Previous season

As we have seen in season 7 of The Walking Dead, Rick, The King and everyone else started to fight back against Negan. Daryl Dixon is free again, Carol Peletier got to know about Rick’s group situation and Glenn Rhee’s death. Jadis’s group played Rick and made deal with Negan. Negan almost killed killed Carl Grimes but King Ezekiel fought with Carol and Daryl to save Alexandria, and they saved Carl. At last there was a firefight between them, at that time Negan got outnumbered and they fallback.

We will keep updating with latest more information, let us know what you think about season 8 in the comment below.


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