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Thor Ragnarok ReviewTitle: Thor: Ragnarok
MHF Rating: 7.5/10
Recommended Age: 13
Review: Thor: Ragnarok review will be available on movie release date, 25 October 2017.
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Movie Summary

Thor is stuck on an another universe without his hammer, and Ragnarok (the destruction of his living) is going on Asgard by the goddess of death Hela. Now he has to fight in the pit with Hulk to get out of it and to save Asgardian. Read Thor: Ragnarok movie full story

Critic Reviews

Thor: Ragnarok is a big bet for Marvel. It deviates from everything it’s structured the franchise to be, but it’s also a perfect example of taking big risks for even bigger wins. Thor: Ragnarok is winning like no Marvel movie has won before. – Brock Wilbur | Polygon

Thor: Ragnarok is a goofy, kitschy- but- fun romp and the most purely entertaining of the three Thor movies, marked by its distinctive designs, ‘80s synth score, and assemblage of spirited characters. – Jim Vejvoda | IGN

It’S Like ‘Deadpool’ Without the nihilism. – Bryan Bishop | The Verge

Thor: Ragnarok’s aural and visual aesthetic, which simultaneously summons ’60s psychedelia, ’70s disco, ’80s metal, Guardians-like sci-fi, and bloody Roman gladiator bouts. Ragnarok is the most colorful MCU movie yet, rivaling Gunn’s Guardians entries for sheer visual joy. – Michael Rougeau | GameSpot

Talking about Marvel, “Thor: Ragnarok is exactly the type of movie it should be producing: visually unique, narratively unpredictable and tonally audacious. But if you come out hating it…? Well, there’s a sporting chance too. – James Hunt” | Den of Geek

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Thor: Ragnarok


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